Technical Working Group Meeting CY 2017
Presentation and review of Cuyapnit Cave Management Plan of Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte
WFP Consultation 2018
PENRO Surigao del Norte Consultation of WFP FY 2018 with Regional Office Division Chiefs, PENR Officer, CENR Officer, PENRO Division Chiefs, PASu and all Section/Unit Chiefs.
PENRO SDN Personnel conduct a cleaning drive at Mangrove Area at Sitio Panubigun in Surigao City while other employees is at Naked Islands and Daku Islands , General Luna
PENRO SDN Mid-Year Management Conference 2018
Mid-Year Assessment Management Conference of PENRO Surigao del Norte participated by key personnel of PENRO Office, SIPLAS Office and CENRO Tubod Office



In celebration with Earth Day, PENRO Surigao del Norte conducted a Mangrove Clean-up within the 5 hectare NGP Plantation at Sitio Panubigon, Brgy. Lipata, Surigao City on April 21, 2016 at 6 o’clock in the morning. The activity was participated by PENRO personnel headed by PENRO Rosendo Asunto.

Moreover, on the next day 6 o’clock in the morning of April 22, 2016 mangrove planting on the same site was conducted. The activity was participated by PENRO Personnel and staff together with our partners like City ENRO, PEMO and Philippine Coast Guard. Mangrove propagules were planted on the vacant portion of the site. A total of 1,000 mangrove propagules were planted. These propagules were provided by City ENRO and PEMO.

Aside from planting, the participants also clean-up the entangled debris in mangrove plants including the removal of trash like plastics and cellophanes which were deposited into the plantation by the waves from the adjacent settlements.

After the mangrove clean-up, PENRO personnel and staff also conducted General Clean-up within PENRO compound.  A total of one (1) bag and four (4) receptacles of garbage were gathered. These wastes were collected by City ENRO.

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