1st Quarterly Meeting 2016
February 23, 2016; 2:00 PM
Jakelou Restaurant, Narciso Street, Surigao City

Attendees Present: 

  1. Juan Noel Salvar – Provincial PNP
  2. PSI Angel G. Cayelina – City PNP
  3. Robert Florido – Philippine Army
  4. PO2 Desire L. Rosal – Philippine Coast Guard
  5. Cecilla Y. Sol – Department of Agriculture
  6. Jair E. Balberan – Surigao Metropolitan Water District
  7. Janette Pontillo – Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office
  8. Raul B. Tarpin – City Environment and Natural Resources
  9. Juanito L. Mananquil – REACH Foundation
  10. Porferio M. Frias – Religious Sector
  11. Rosendo A. Asunto – PENR Officer
  12. Marco Roy D. Alejaga – PENRO - Technical Services
  13. Jocelyn H. Maceren – PENRO - Enforcement Section
  14. Franklyn Arcadio – SIPLAS
  15. Godofredo C. Logronio – For CENRO
  16. Teresa Salisid – CENRO - Enforcement Section
  17. Grinell Z. Eviota – City Port
  18. Jerry E. Cortes – Lipata Port
  19. Dahlia L. Bernal – Secretariat
  20. Gilde M. Erazo – Department of Education
  21. Graciano C. Compe Jr. – Public Attorney’s Office
  22. Peter B. Dejolde –
  23. Abby Rose S. Diaz – OJT
  24. PO3 Christine Joy L. Doquila – Philippine Coast Guard
  25. PO2 Glenn Jelmer A. Anran – City PNP
  26. Randy L. Tansuihan – Surigao Metropolitan Water District
  27. Dario C. Amaranto – Phil. Army
  28. Alexmar T. Villahermosa – Phil. Army


  1. Invocation – AVR
  2. Pambansang Awit – AVR
  3. Acknowledgment of Guests by SuEMS Jocelyn H. Maceren.
  4. Opening Message by PENR Officer Rosendo A. Asunto. 


  1. Call to order by the Presiding Officer, Jocelyn H. Maceren.
  2. Roll call and determination of quorum by Secretariat Dahlia L. Bernal.
  3. Approval and adoption of the 4th Quarter 2015, MFPC-SDN Minutes of the Meeting.
  • Copy of said Minutes were provided to each members present.
  • Corrections/suggestions were made, namely:
  • Indicate page numbers in the minutes.
  • Positions indicated for Mr. Jerry Cortes, Grinell Z. Eviota and Rey Durano as Foresters were corrected into Forest Rangers. “CENRO” Teresita Salisid was corrected into DMO III Teresita Salisid.
  • Its approval was moved by Atty. Graciano C. Compe, Jr. and duly seconded by Mr. Porferio M. Frias.
  1. Approval of the 1st Quarter MFPC 2016 Agenda of the Meeting.

  • Suggestions for the Proposed Ordinance:
  • PENR Officer Rosendo A. Asunto: Section 3. Penalty Provision… “cause the suspension/cancellation without prejudice to any criminal liability.”
  • Chief Insp. Juan Noel Salvar – Provincial PNP: Why not give the violators a chance to reform? We should give commensurate penalty for 1st offenders, 2nd offenders and 3rd
  • Graciano C. Compe, Jr: Such will be provided in the implementing guidelines and rules and regulations to be drafted and not to be shown in the ordinance itself.
  • Hence, hereunder draft was produced.


G. Patrol Area of Untenured and NGP 2011-2012 of Surigao del Norte and the corresponding responsible persons for the area was presented.

H. Presentation of protection and monitoring activities of the 2011-2012 planted mangroves in various areas which are covered by the National Greening Program (EO 26) was presented by SuEMS Jocelyn H. Maceren.


A. Update on Anti-Illegal Logging Campaign for First Quarter C.Y. 2016 was presented by CENRO Enforcement Chief Teresa Salisid.

  • Main goal of DENR CENRO-Tubod is also to provide livelihood.
  • It is more important to protect from the source, that is, before the trees are cut.
  • Activities undertaken were made in collaboration with mining companies since illegal activities are also within the mining areas.
  • Reasons to protect the environment were highlighted such as the effects of natural calamities.
  • Activities undertaken and problems encountered were presented by Ms. Teresa Salisid.

  1. B. Bad-as Monitoring Station -

  1. C. Lipata Port Monitoring Station by Forest Ranger Jerry E. Cortes.

  • Correction was made as to the origin of one entry in January which was shown to be from Maasin Leyte which should have been from Butuan City.
  • Observation/Suggestion of PENRO Rosendo A. Asunto:
  • Please review your reports before presentation.
  • Make a storyline in your reports and not just reading the data from the screen.
  • I hope that MFPC will not only limit up to the 3 year protection program but will go down to the Barangay level such as passage/implementation of barangay ordinances for the protection of what we have planted.
  • Don’t make a comment “Grabe ang illegal logging didto” if not reflected in the presentation.
  1. D. Surigao City Port Monitoring Station –

  1. E. SIPLAS by Franklyn Arcadio –
  • Presented hereunder activities:
  1. Conducted apprehension of illegal logging/timber poaching resulting to the apprehension of 1 unit chainsaw and 42.66 bd.ft. sawn lumber;
  2. Conducted mobile check points;
  3. Coordinated with CAAP, Siargao Airport, Sayak, Del Carmen, SDN;
  4. Conducted administrative proceedings;
  5. Hired 13 Biodiversity Volunteer;
  6. Conducted inspection/verification at Socorro, SdN.
  • The body was informed that despite DENR personnel’s coordination with the LGU and the local police in Socorro, they were not allowed entrance to the premises were the supposed illegal activity was conducted. The team conducted further investigation traversing the sea and found out that a backhoe was utilized at the foreshore as shown by photos below.

  • PENRO Rosendo A. Asunto warned the enforcement officers/apprehending officers to file the necessary case if they were to conduct apprehension to avoid liability in the future. Regarding the case in Socorro, he suggested that all administrative proceedings be exhausted. The PASu is responsible.
  • Graciano Compe, Jr. commented that PENRO Asunto’s warning is true although filing of criminal case is not automatic since necessary investigation is needed. He said that law enforcers must be careful at their level otherwise they might face charges for gross negligence of duty or gross misconduct. He further said that the law must be applied. As to the problem in Socorro, he made the following course of actions:
  1. Coordinate with the LGU concerned. Protection of nature must not endanger your own life;
  2. Apply for search warrant – provide concrete proof;
  3. Exhaust administrative proceedings;
  4. Proper documentation in the office/proper paper trail such as travel order or special order from your PASu for that specific undertaking.
  • Porferio Frias from the religious sector offered that he could utilize his connections in the media and the Knights of Columbus in the islands to help. Just make the necessary notice with him.
  1. F. Philippine Coast Guard presented by PO2 Desire L. Rosal.

  • PENRO Rosendo A. Asunto made a request Philippine Coast Guard to provide the MFPC, through Dahlia L. Bernal, the data as to the number of seedlings and location of their tree/mangrove planting activities for consolidation if possible data from CY 2011.
  1. G. Philippine Army presented by Cpt. Robert Florido.

  • Issues and Concerns:
  1. Lack of seedlings and
  2. Location of planting site.
  • The Philippine Army committed that it can provide 100% support in the man-power for plantation projects.
  • Godofredo C. Logronio of CENRO-Tubod replied that an area in Malimono will be available for planting.
  • PENRO Rosendo A. Asunto tasked Mr. Godofredo C. Logronio to make a plan for this activity and channel it to MFPC. He is also tasked to make Supplemental Work and Financial Plan.
  • Juanito L. Mananquil of REACH Foundation made a motion for the passage of MFPC Resolution to conduct quarterly tree-planting activities. It was duly seconded by Atty. Graciano Compe, Jr.

The Presiding Officer presented AILTF Resolution No. 2011-003 as basis to solicit from the body to make any suggestion for any specific barangay to start the implementation of the said provision.


  • PENRO Rosendo A. Asunto, however, tasked DMO IV Godofredo C. Logronio to make the prioritization of area for this undertaking. He instructed Mr. Logronio to inform the body for final approval of the proposed action.
  1. H. PNP Province –
  • Very active in the implementation of check-points.
  • 1 accomplishment for the month of February 2016 from Sison, SdN. The confiscated forest products were already turned-over to DENR-CENRO Tubod Office.
  • They also expressed their desire to provide man-power support in the plantation projects of DENR.
  • Promised to provide the office data of planting activities they have undertaken in the past years.

  • Randy L. Tansuihan of Surigao Metropolitan Water District made an inquiry regarding an incident in San Pablo, Sison wherein a truckload of logs passed by him on Feb. 20, 2016, whether or not said truckload passed by the monitoring station and whether or not said truckload reflected in the report.
  • Grinell Z. Eviota of City Port replied that some of these truckloads are issued PTPOC or some permits especially in the areas of Sison.
  • PENRO Rosendo A. Asunto made a comment that action officers of DENR must acknowledge this kind of report and inform the person what action have you or will you undertake. He reminded everyone that as government employees, we are the property of the government which is subject to criticisms.
  • Juanito L. Mananquil of REACH Foundation made a suggestion to include visitations/tours to success NGP Projects in the future MFPC Activities. It was duly noted by the Presiding Officer.
  • Manifestation of closing of meeting was made by Gilde M. Erazo of the Department of Education. On the outset, he updated the body that DepEd has an on-going tree planting activities in coordination with Cagdianao Mining and DRRM tree-planting.
  • Motion to adjourn at 5:05 PM.


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