pawikan 1

The Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) locally known as Pawikan was trapped in the local fishing gear named “Baling” during the fishing method called “Pagpamaling” done in the Municipal waters of Claver in Barangay Magallanes area early in the morning of February 27, 2019. The said incidence was reported to the DENR-CENR Office. The Pawikan was brought to the docking area of Barangay Bagakay by the involved fishermen and the local Bantay Dagat.  It was inspected by the DENR-CENRO Tubod personnel, MENR Officer and representative of MLGU Claver.  Upon inspection of the team, it was found out that it is in good condition with no external wounds or damage.  It was identified as female due to its shorter tail and its cloacal opening is closer to the body.  The curved carapace length is 89 cm and carapace width of 69 cm with estimated weight of ~60 kilograms.

pawikan 3


pawikan 4

The Green Sea Turtle was tagged (metal tagged: Right- PH 258, Left- PH 256) in order to account the turtle released by this office. The Pawikan was released in the Municipal waters of Claver in Barangay Bagakay and Tayaga area (Lat. 9.594169, Long. 125.738128) at exactly 12:07 pm on the same day.

pawikan 6